Checkout our 2's Program

9:00am - 11:30am

Our 2’s Program is available to children who will turn 2-years old in the current year. Monday-Friday the 2’s class meets from 9:00am to 11:30am. There is a Head Teacher and an Assistant Teacher in the classroom. A maximum of 9 children are enrolled in each class.

Learning Goals

Our focus is on providing the children with opportunities to explore a wide range of materials and ideas in self-directed play and through organized, teacher-directed activities. We emphasize:

- Language and social skills
- Observation of nature
- Expressing one’s own ideas and feelings
- Listening to and sharing with others.

The 2’s classes also begin to develop math, number and science skills. We approach these skills through games, class discussions and sharing books and stories. From making playdough to tending our class garden, our approach is through shared experiences and observation.

A Day in the Terrific Two's!

The emphasis of the two’s program is to support children with their first step away from their family in a warm, nurturing environment with many engaging activities and materials to foster their curiosity, emotions and energy.

As the children arrive in the morning, they will head over to a cubby with their picture and name on it to hang up their backpack and jacket.

They will then choose a learning center or just explore our classroom in morning Free Play Time. We have puzzles, blocks or other activities set up on the tables as the children are just coming in. They may dig in at the sand table, cook something up in our pretend kitchen or choose to pull out their favorite toy.

At the end of morning Free Play Time, we clean up together and gather on the carpet for circle time. They will sing songs to say good morning to their friends, dance (to get their morning sillies out) or play a game. After circle time, we line up to either enjoy the outside play area (weather permitting) or we head to Fellowship Hall where the children can free play or participate in organized games. Whether we are inside or outside, this is a great time for the children to strengthen their gross motor and social skills.

At this point in our morning it is snack time. This is a great opportunity for the children to enjoy each other’s company and to converse with one another. We will then start a craft or sensory activity to strengthen fine motor coordination. Water play, kinetic sand, and playdough are some examples of the fun activities we have available. Your preschooler will be creating with materials such as paint, crayons, markers, glue, shaving cream, cotton balls and so much more.
We end our day back on the carpet for circle time with a story, bubbles, or our parachute and we’ll sing our “Goodbye” song.